Transport insurance

We provide insurance for your goods that are at risk of loss or damage during transit.

Subject of insurance

Investment units, individual items, goods, semi-processed goods and raw materials etc are insured against damage occurring during transport in the home country or abroad.

Insurance coverage

The best form of insurance is "full coverage" against all risks which may occur due to damage, destruction, loss or theft of the insured transported items during transit.
It is also possible to arrange restricted coverage for damages caused by events specified in the general conditions for transport insurance.
Excluded from insurance cover are all types of war hazards, strikes and lockouts, riots and other civil commotions and violence, embezzlement, nuclear energy, the use of chemical, biological and biochemical substances, or electromagnetic waves as a weapon.

Sum insured

The sum insured is the upper limit of the insurance settlement, it must correspond to the value of the transported items (usually according to the invoice).

Duration of coverage

The insurance is valid from the date of departure of the transporting vehicle to the date of delivery of the consignment to the customer in the designated place, by the transport route agreed in the insurance contract.
Any necessary temporary storage is covered for up to 30 days.

Insurance settlement

On loss or misplacement the value of the affected insured items is reimbursed, on destruction the value of a new replacement, on damage the cost of repairing and restoring to the original condition.
The cost of the claims adjustor is borne by the insurer.
Vom Schadensersatz wird der Betrag abgezogen, der im Vertrag als Selbstbeteiligung, die der Versicherte trägt, vereinbart wurde.