Property and casualty insurance

The property of your company can be damaged or destroyed by natural hazards, or suffer harm due to theft. Insurance can also eliminate losses due to interruptions in business activities resulting from physical damage.

Insurance against fire and additional risks, including theft

  • ·Subject of insurance
    Property insurance covers direct damage to items, i.e. damage, destruction, theft or loss of items owned by the insured or taken over by the insured on the basis of a contract and located on the insured premises.
    Our insurance company also offers supplementary coverage options for a wide range of additional expenses connected with restoring the business to its original state after an insured event.
  • ·Insurance coverage
    Insurance can be arranged against damage, destruction or loss of the insured items:
     – as a consequence of a named risk (fire risk, additional risks, theft)
     – coverage of All Risks.
  • ·Insurance indenification
    An insurance indenification will be paid out on the basis of the specified insured value. The insured value is normally the value of the insured item new at today's prices. From every insurance indemnification a deductible is subtracted as agreed in the insurance policy.

Business interruption insurance

In parallel with property insurance the client may also insure financial losses (the difference between business revenues and variable costs), which arise in the event of stoppage (interruption) of operations as a result of damage to the insured items.

Machinery breakdown and electronic risk insurance

A particular strength of our company lies in Machinery breakdown and electronic risk insurance, which, as part of the standard Fire and natural hazards insurance ensures protection of the client against damage to machinery and electronic equipment from any cause, especially due to the impact of mechanical force, implosion or other effects of negative pressure, material, structural or manufacturing faults, errors in operation, effects of electrical power etc.

We are one of the few insurers on the Slovak insurance market to also offer Financial loss insurance due to cessation of the insured operation as a result of damage to machinery with a higher risk assessment (breakdown of machinery).

In this type of insurance, our company, with the support of the parent company HDI-Gerling Industrie, has a great deal of experience, and employs experts who specialise in various sectors of industry and are able to identify problems in technical equipment.

Construction and assembly insurance

For clients who carry out or invest in construction or assembly work, we offer construction and assembly insurance of all risks, which covers not only material damage to specific construction works or installed equipment, but may also apply to damage caused by construction activity in the neighbourhood of the property or damage occurring during the period of service or during the warranty period. Part of it is liability insurance for damage in the course of carrying out construction or assembly works.

Advantages of property and casualty insurance with HDI:

  • ·the coverage is among the widest on the Slovak insurance market
  • ·provision of risk management and free consultation on increasing the safety of business operations, stemming from our practical experience as well as the experience of the group
  • ·fast and transparent settlement of insurance claims, together with free technical advice on the restoration of damaged property
  • ·insurance that takes maximum account of the needs and requirements of the client
  • ·personal and professional customer service.