Liability insurance

During the performance of your business activities, you may cause damage to the belongings or health of third parties, therefore we recommend that you insure against these risks.

Basic cover

  • ·Subject of the insurance
    This insurance covers claims for compensation for bodily injury and property damage and other harm to property resulting from them, enforced against the insured on the basis of civil law provisions on liability for damage.
  • ·Insurance coverage
     – public liability
     – product liability (for damage caused by defective products)
     – liability by virtue of ownership of real estate (used for carrying out insured activities)
     – recovery costs incurred by the insured after the occurrence of an insurance event
     – court and out-of-court costs of determining claims and for defence against claims for damage
     – costs of defence conducted under the directions of the insurer in criminal, administrative or
        disciplinary actions

Extended cover

Especially for the possibility of additional coverage in many cases that are excluded from basic cover. Types of cover from the list below are usually negotiated with an indemnification limit within the sum insured for basic cover (sublimit).

  • ·pollution liability - liability for material damage caused by damaging the environment
  • ·extended product liability
  • ·costs of recalling a product from the market
  • ·pure financial losses
  • ·damage to leased property
  • ·damage by virtue of ownership of property (used in other ways than performing the insured activity)
  • ·damage to leased moveable property
  • ·damage to items in safekeeping
  • ·damage from the operations of moveable/immoveable property
  • ·recourse claims of social and/or health insurers
  • ·cross-liability

and other.
The territorial validity of the insurance can also be extended.

Advantages of insurance by HDI:

  • ·the capacity to provide high indemnification limits (above EUR 5 million) and high sublimits for additional coverage
  • ·liability stemming from ownership of property is included in basic cover, up to full limit
  • ·product liability for production even before signing the insurance contract
  • ·for pollution liability a 72-hour clause is not used (the insured is not obliged to report the damage within 72 hours)
  • ·Defence costs are insured without limits or specification of their character
  • ·the possibility of drawing up insurance policies and other documentation (e.g. insurance certificates) in foreign languages (English, German).

Insurance of liability from clinical trials

HDI is one of the few insurers in Slovakia that covers the liability of sponsors of clinical trials, and health care facilities performing clinical trials, for bodily injury and property damage of participants as a result of the trials.